Jack Franklin

Episode 22

JavaScript and Writing with Jack Franklin

Jack Franklin shares his thoughts and fears about writing, explains why it’s important to learn real JavaScript as well as jQuery and talks about his experience writing a book.

Tom Ashworth

Episode 21

Making, Breaking and Doing with Tom Ashworth

Trevan Hetzel

Episode 20

Product Ponderings with Trevan Hetzel

Gannon Burgett

Episode 19

Design is for All with Gannon Burgett

Chris Wallace

Episode 18 Gunslinger Edition

Learning from Failure with Chris Wallace

Luke Jones

Episode 17

All About Velodroming with Luke Jones

Galen Gidman

Episode 16

A Selfie with Galen Gidman

Jared Erondu

Episode 15

Features and Products with Jared Erondu

Harry Roberts

Episode 14

Scalable CSS with Harry Roberts

Drew Wilson

Episode 13 Gunslinger Edition

Make all the Things with Drew Wilson

Toni Gemayel

Episode 12

Being Real with Yourself with Toni Gemayel

Alex Magini

Episode 11

Skipping College with Alex Mangini

Derek Jensen

Episode 10

Reasoned Visual Simplicity with Derek Jensen

Andy Rutledge

Episode 9 Gunslinger Edition

Design Professionalism with Andy Rutledge

Rachel Shillcock

Episode 8

Gaining Confidence as a Designer with Rachel Shillcock

Jonathan Ogden

Episode 7

Designers Talk Too Much with Jonathan Ogden

Tim Smith

Episode 6

Designin’ and Podcastin’ with Tim Smith

Kyle Cotter

Episode 5

All about Expression Engine with Kyle Cotter

Janna Hagan

Episode 4

Designer Education with Janna Hagan

Dan Eden

Episode 3

Collaboration and Open-Source with Dan Eden

Paul Adam Davis

Episode 2

Why We Do What We Do with Paul Adam Davis

Dan Philibin

Episode 1

Gettin’ Goin’ with Dan Philibin